November 5, 2008

Change has come

Something good has shurely happened. That the whole country is soon let by another spirit as that of the Bush's. I really hope that he keeps alive and can realize some of his hopes and whishes. The american people need it really. 
I must also congratulate M. Ernst Wilhelm, the jyotishi who has made a real good analyse of both charts and has predicted correctly. It also gives hope in vedic astrology!
I'm happy for my daughter in CA and her husband, that maybe better days for the common people are rising on the horizon

October 6, 2008

Hello everybody

I want to say hello to everybody who might follow this blog. Articles will be posted depending on thoughts and situations. I have by the way, a second blog at Yahoo  ( ) where many posts have been done until now. But many are in german, luxembourg or french language. This blog will be used only for English posts.
May you be healthy, happy and peaceful and blessed