July 1, 2016

And here the latest

Here the latest paintings of this year:

Painting, painting & painting

A lot of painting went on from the last time I wrote here.
It happened that more and paintings from Amma attracted me and I had no interest at all to paint something else. So I went with it and 4 new paintings have seen the day.
A lot of my people wonder how he is doing that suddenly?
And I must confess I don't know! I just take my time, sometimes 2-3 months and work it out with a lot of thoughts and daylong meditations around the color to take or the mix to use. It is a very meditative painting if you have Amma or Devi as a subject. It is not ordinary painting. It comes closer to the mural temple painting of India, not on the technique, but on the approach to the subject with a lot of reverence and humility. And sometimes you have to pray that Amma might help you and deliver her secrets. Because whoever has tried to paint Her knows this: You will discover so many facets of Her face that you start praying without effort. And it is very easy to miss Her. I saw a lot of these paintings, big and small. There is one bramachari in the Ashram who is specialized. He does a lot of drawings in the Matruvani. And he makes it almost everytime. But he is also the only one, I guess. So I feel very happy when my painting comes close and it takes me sometimes 2-3 weeks to make the last details until it comes as close as it can get. So see it for yourself and enjoy as much as I did: