July 1, 2016

And here the latest

Here the latest paintings of this year:

Painting, painting & painting

A lot of painting went on from the last time I wrote here.
It happened that more and paintings from Amma attracted me and I had no interest at all to paint something else. So I went with it and 4 new paintings have seen the day.
A lot of my people wonder how he is doing that suddenly?
And I must confess I don't know! I just take my time, sometimes 2-3 months and work it out with a lot of thoughts and daylong meditations around the color to take or the mix to use. It is a very meditative painting if you have Amma or Devi as a subject. It is not ordinary painting. It comes closer to the mural temple painting of India, not on the technique, but on the approach to the subject with a lot of reverence and humility. And sometimes you have to pray that Amma might help you and deliver her secrets. Because whoever has tried to paint Her knows this: You will discover so many facets of Her face that you start praying without effort. And it is very easy to miss Her. I saw a lot of these paintings, big and small. There is one bramachari in the Ashram who is specialized. He does a lot of drawings in the Matruvani. And he makes it almost everytime. But he is also the only one, I guess. So I feel very happy when my painting comes close and it takes me sometimes 2-3 weeks to make the last details until it comes as close as it can get. So see it for yourself and enjoy as much as I did:

January 19, 2016

Copy machine

A funny moment happened also here in the reception of the hotel.
I wanted to have some copies of music staffs for writing.
So I asked the guy behind the desk if they had a copy machine.
He looked very strange at me and asked:" A coffe-machine?"
All the guys around started laughing whole-hearted and it became the joke of the day here at the reception.
Finally I got my internet dongle work poorly on the windows platform, but not on the MAC.
I guess it is the El Capitan who does not want dongles older than 2 years to work on his platform.
On Windows with Parallels I have still Windows 7 which takes it. But the net is so slow here for us used with the high-speed we enjoy normally. Here you come back to the origin of the internet with 10 Mb per sec. or less sometimes. Anyway here in India thinngs are anyway slow most of the time. It is the heat that forms this habit. You cannot jump around all the time here. And even doing nothing makes you tired!
But a good laugh is alway good wherever you are.

January 16, 2016

Back to India

So we arrived safely again in India on Thursday morning.
Coming from Luxembourg with a temperature around 0° we were welcomed here with 32°C and beautiful weather conditions.
The greetings at Green Palace were warm and nice and we have the room adjustant to the one from last year.
A funny thing happened in the airplane from Abu Dhabi. We were nicely installed in our seats before departure when a man was looking for his seat before us. There were 2 ladies who were sitting at the wrong place. They had to move to the other side of the plane but in the same row.
I said to Vandana that they should read there boarding card before sitting!
Some minutes later came a couple looking for their seats. They stopped at our row and were calling the stewardess. We were asked to check our tickets and "Oh Shame!" we also were sitting in the wrong place!!! We had the row 20 and were in row 18 ! I appolegized and the couple told us to stay in our place as they took our seats 2 rows behind. That was quite humiliating for me and my big mouth!
So in future I will pay more attention to this. Or I would make only reservations for row 18 in future, so no
problem will arrise. In fact we had row 18 in the first plane from Frankfurt and this was in my mind when boarding the second flight. Anyway a funny story to start our journey.
More to come.
Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu