April 6, 2015

More of my watercolor paintings

I want to post some more of my recent and older paintings here on this blog to make them available for friends and family, and for everybody interested.

This one I painted for Lalita, our grand-daughter, so she could put it on the wall of her room.
Here i tried the WOW method of a very inspiring lady, namely Anna Mason: 

The effect is really amazing and it is not so hard to realize such paintings.
Here is another one:

Quite realistic?!

Another nice painting is this one:

This is a street in a small Luxembourg village called Kehlen.
Why I painted this one is very simple. I lived here during 2nd world-war.
The 2nd house on the right side was the house of my grand-parents. 
My grand-father was a farmer with a lot of animals, gardens and meadows.
During the war, when my father was during some time hidden in the woods around Kehlen,
my mother and I lived here. I was very happy and had a lot of freedom to stroll around and play with all these animals and a dog.My father had 3 sisters and these aunts were very caring for me.
I lived there until the end of the war in 45, when I was 3 years old. Returning to Luxembourg-city was a nightmare for me at the beginning. But after some time I adopted to the town-life.
Her an old picture from these years:

Here I am with my mother and my aunt Justine in 1943 before the same house.
More to come!



I have worked quite a lot in watercolor during the last months since our return from India.
I was specially happy to have taken the courage to paint Amma. I started in Amritapuri on the beach during satsang, making some small and "primitive" sketches. But it took the shy away and so now here is the result:

Then I took more courage and did a second one, more a portrait from an earlier picture.
What i liked was the light in Amma's hair and her big smile. The picture was not very sharp so it was not obvious to get all the details and some errors creeped in. But the main atmosphere is there.

Now I'm working on a Devi Bhava picture which is really tough to do.
The sketches is ready and the choice of the colors is progressing.
It took me now 3 weeks and will take for shure as much to finish.
Really excited to see what will come out.
I feel like Amma's grace is helping during the painting. Very inspiring!