April 6, 2015

More of my watercolor paintings

I want to post some more of my recent and older paintings here on this blog to make them available for friends and family, and for everybody interested.

This one I painted for Lalita, our grand-daughter, so she could put it on the wall of her room.
Here i tried the WOW method of a very inspiring lady, namely Anna Mason: 

The effect is really amazing and it is not so hard to realize such paintings.
Here is another one:

Quite realistic?!

Another nice painting is this one:

This is a street in a small Luxembourg village called Kehlen.
Why I painted this one is very simple. I lived here during 2nd world-war.
The 2nd house on the right side was the house of my grand-parents. 
My grand-father was a farmer with a lot of animals, gardens and meadows.
During the war, when my father was during some time hidden in the woods around Kehlen,
my mother and I lived here. I was very happy and had a lot of freedom to stroll around and play with all these animals and a dog.My father had 3 sisters and these aunts were very caring for me.
I lived there until the end of the war in 45, when I was 3 years old. Returning to Luxembourg-city was a nightmare for me at the beginning. But after some time I adopted to the town-life.
Her an old picture from these years:

Here I am with my mother and my aunt Justine in 1943 before the same house.
More to come!


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