November 30, 2014

Back in India

So we are back in India. We arrived Thursday morning at Thiruvananthapuram Airport with more than 1 hour delay. Our taxi driver had to wait quite some time. And consequently he was tired and in a little village he felt asleep while driving. So our taxi stories continue. Amma was protecting us otherwise we could be in hospital or dead. I saw the car suddenly going right, but there was no road there and Vandana cried something which immediately waked the guy up. He stopped at the road at some meters from there and tried to recover from the shock. I was calm, strange, like only observing and witnessing, or I was to tired to get upset. So that was our start for this journey.
We soon arrived at our destination, the Fragrant Nature Resort. The resort stretches along a small lake with a beautiful garden, a lot of trees, plants, flowers and alleys. Our room is near the lake and quite nice, although not very modern. Our balcony gives out to the plants near the lake and looks really peaceful and quite. So far so good. But then came the hiccup: On the other side of the lake are 2 or 3 temples which play vedic mantras and songs during most of the day at a very high loudness as you can only hear in India. We know these kind of songs from Amritapuri, but here they start at 5 in the morning and practically stop only at 11PM in the night. And the worst, the play simultaneously different mantras at different tonalities, as if fighting a battle, who is the loudest. So this is really bad. I hoped that they will stop after sometime, but they didn't. Almost the whole day through. So the shanti was gone and the whole resort was not so nice anymore.