January 31, 2017

India 2017

Yes we are back in India.
We arrived on the 12. January and went straight to the Ashram in Amritapuri.
As Amma left for the South Indian Tour on the 23. we came here to Varkala, our second home in India. We were really surprised by all the changes made here in the Green Palace. Quite luxurious, modern design and clean nice rooms with A/C. Of course the prices went up, but still it is a good deal.  We'll stay here until Amma comes back to the Ashram and will then return also to Amritapuri.
We will fly back home on the 25. February. It was quite a big change this year as we left Luxembourg and Frankfurt in the snow with -8° and her we live with around +30° Celsius.

We had some adventures but we could manage them all until now.  
India is always a surprise with unexpected things happening. I will come back to these stories later.
Lokal Samasthah Sukhino Bhavantu 
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