February 1, 2017

Formular A517 (Asterix & Obelix)

Did you see the movie about Asterix & Obelix when they had to get that document A517 or whatever the number was? So we are here in a similar Indian movie. Our hotel manager starts to loose some hair and might not sleep anymore in the night and our daughter Satya has more time to spend on sending mails and writing documents then on her own work!
This is just crazy. And all we want is 30 pills lying in Bangalore in the customs with DHL.
It will be interesting to see that whole story and how things lead one to another and make a mad story at the end.
To start:  Vandana discovered in the hotel in Frankfurt that she had forgotten her medicine, pills for the thyroid and blood pressure. She had only for one day with her.
There was no way to return to get them so we had to wait until we arrived at the ashram to go to the doctor and have some indian substitutes to be prescribed.
That is what we did. The thyroid was no problem but the blood-pressure pills were. They are composed of 3 different components unavailable in the ashram.
We had to go to Vallikkavu pharmacy togged them. But they didn't haver these pills either. So we started phoning and writing to our daughters in Luxembourg to check with the doctor what to do.
This took 2 days until we had all the different components of the pills and the doctor in the Ashram could see if there were alternatives. Finally we got 2 components but the 3rd was missing and unavailable in Amritapuri & Vallikavu. So we had to wait until we got to Varkala and could visit there the Sivagiri Hospital where I was the year before in a similar affair. It was clear that Vandana started to suffer from the lack of medicine and her feet started to swell. Then she became very dizzy and couldn't lye down for hours in the night. We were all the time visiting the ashram medical services. They did a cardiogram and nothing showed up. Finally she could take another pill to compensate but that was not really correct and adequate. The 25.th we left for Varkala and went right away to the Hospital. Here we had a specialized doctor for blood-pressure and she could solve the problem. Vandana got 2 pills in the hospital pharmacy and one outside which fitted to the original.
We were saved.
Then we got the "good" idea to ask our daughter Satya to send us original pills to our hotel as we only got pills for 2 weeks. That might not have been such a good idea as we gonna see.
Our daughter contacted the doctor to get a new prescription because you cannot sent medicine in other countries without a prescription. She got new pills for 30 days and the checked the best way to send them. As she is familiar with DHL on her job she choose them finally because the TNT Post system didn't even find Varkala. So the announced that it will take 1 week about before the pills will arrive here. On Monday the Manager of the Hotel contacted us very excited as he didn't know yet about the whole thing.  The customs in Bangalore had contacted him what was this medication sent by DHL? He had to sent a copy of his passport & his driver license to them to legitimate.
We had given his name as contact from the hotel and all the datas from the hotel. So now he was involved in the affair as well. And that should only be the start of a new story.
We had to contact again our daughter to send him the original papers and a copy of the DHL document to verify that art was a correct address etc... Now it took 2 das before some answer came. And guess what?
The customs wants more information about these medicament for clearance, because the same product is available in India under other names. So they think that we should get it here with an indian doctor instead of sending it here and clear the customs. This whole thing is getting ridiculous.
And the pills are still lying in the customs in Bangalore. And now they have send new documents to be filled out by our daughter and sent back. So the manager here has now a file of documents looking like medical "dossier" and he has problems sometimes to breeze.
Now he has send this new stuff to Satya and she has to fill it out and then send it back and he sends it to the customs. You dig that? As I said it becomes really an Asterix/Obelix affair.
Affaire à suivre... disent les Français. Et Oui....

January 31, 2017

India 2017

Yes we are back in India.
We arrived on the 12. January and went straight to the Ashram in Amritapuri.
As Amma left for the South Indian Tour on the 23. we came here to Varkala, our second home in India. We were really surprised by all the changes made here in the Green Palace. Quite luxurious, modern design and clean nice rooms with A/C. Of course the prices went up, but still it is a good deal.  We'll stay here until Amma comes back to the Ashram and will then return also to Amritapuri.
We will fly back home on the 25. February. It was quite a big change this year as we left Luxembourg and Frankfurt in the snow with -8° and her we live with around +30° Celsius.

We had some adventures but we could manage them all until now.  
India is always a surprise with unexpected things happening. I will come back to these stories later.
Lokal Samasthah Sukhino Bhavantu 
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