January 10, 2015

Difficult times

Today we went to a moslem shop buying a shawl. The owner is a very gentle man, friendly and pious and he invites us always when we come by. I would like to talk to him about what is happening in the world, these tragedies under the name of religion. How can people think that they will go to heaven by committing crimes and murders in the name of religion? Is it not said that God is Love? Is it not said that God is compassion and forgiveness? There will be no heaven waiting for these people. They will realize this when it is to late. That a world-wide war is going on devided in so many groups and nations should be clear by now. The world will have to evolve or will be destroyed faster then we can think of. And there is a large number of people helping to save what can still be saved. We have this great example before our eyes day by day, Amma who inspires us and works relentlessly to awaken people. We are sad to read everyday such horror news from all parts of the world. And one can notice that we all get used and accustomed to these horrors and loose slowly but surely our indignation. The happenings in Paris have again shaken the public opinion and we have lost again a big part of our innocence and confidence. More fear will spread in the hearts, more racism will grow in the minds and more people will get inspired to do such horrors they consider heroic deeds.
Only a change in the minds and hearts of people can stop this violence and crimes against humanity. It is said that in Kali Yuga men will fall under the dignity even of animals. What this really means is what we watch now in all parts of the world. How to preserve one's faith and hope during these difficult times? It seems that only prayer will help, even for those who kill and destroy humanity.

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu

N.B.: Yesterday evening I had a talk with the man from the shop. I asked him about his opinion regarding the massacre in Paris and similar events. He said: "That is no good, that is no good. In Kashmir we say: No killing! We don't know this people. They are NOT muslims. We don't know where they come from. And in Pakistan Moslems are killing Moslems. It is bad for our religion!"
I thanked him and was happy to hear that. Although he doesn't like America, his outlook on the world as a moslem has nothing to do with these terrorists. That gives some hope. 


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